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The Woman at the Gates

Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

1941. Lviv, Ukraine. Arrested by the Soviet secret police for her activities with an underground organization, Antonia is certain that she and her lover will be killed in Prison Number One. Her dream to help free Ukraine from Stalin’s grip is lost. But when Germany suddenly invades in the Blitz, Antonia discovers her journey is only beginning. An explosive epic!

1944, Germany: Gazing through the barbed wire fence, up to the pale blue sky, Antonia dreams of home: cherry orchards, golden fields, and the man she loves, whom she may never see again…

Resistance fighter Antonia is out in the forest when the Nazi soldiers arrive to the farm. As she sees her sister Lena and her young nephews herded towards the trucks, guns pointed at their heads, she faces a split-second, heart-wrenching decision: to stay hidden, stay free and continue the fight. Or to give herself up and go with her family to protect them—no matter what lies ahead.

As she clutches her nephew’s small hand in hers, her other arm tight around Lena, she knows she has made the right choice. And as the truck rattles towards a brutal labor camp, and they start to wonder what fate has in store for them, Antonia’s only thought is of how to escape.

Because before they were captured, Antonia worked tirelessly to free her country from those who had turned her homeland into a bloody battleground. By her side had been clever, handsome Ivan. The man whose love shone like a light in the darkness of war surrounding them.

Antonia does not know whether Ivan has been caught or executed. Inside the camp, rumors are that the war is coming to an end. But she cannot wait to be saved. Her precious nephews will die without proper food and her sister is ill. The Nazis need every able-bodied slave to push back the Red Tide, but Antonia and the others could be killed for any reason, at any moment.

Their only hope for her family’s survival is to find a way out of the camp’s gates. Even if it costs Antonia her life. Because the Nazis may have taken everything from her but they will never take away her fierce courage…

A heartbreaking, inspiring and totally unforgettable story of the unbelievable courage and determination of extraordinary people in the darkest days of war. Fans of Kristin Hannah, Fiona Valpy, and The Tattooist of Auschwitz will be gripped from the very first page until the final, heart-stopping conclusion.

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