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The Wrong Sort to Die

Paula Harmon

Category: Mystery/thriller

London, 1910. Pursuing justice, a stranger called Fox persuades Dr Margaret Demeray to divulge information about a corpse. But when another man dies, Fox believes Margaret has the key to stop further deaths. But who can she trust? And how come the closer Fox gets, the more danger she faces?

June, 1910. Fighting her corner in a man’s world, pathologist Dr Margaret Demeray works in a London hospital. Pursuing justice, a stranger called Fox persuades her to divulge information about a dead down-and-out.

But when a second man dies the same way, Margaret wonders why the enigmatic Fox keeps asking ever more complex questions.

She decides to work alone, uncertain of his motives and wary of her attraction to him. Once she starts investigating however, she’s burgled, then attacked in broad daylight and a close friend distances himself. Fox offers an alliance, saying he needs her to find out what and who is killing the anonymous men.

Yet how come the closer she gets to him the more danger she faces? And how can a memory she’d buried be linked to the deaths?

Margaret must discover the truth before someone – known or unknown – silences her for good.

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